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Stamp Sheets

Stamp sheets are fairly new on the collectables scene but their popularity is already huge. They're proving addictive to collectors of all ages and interests. Many sheets have also proved to have strong investment potential.

But most collectors love them because of their striking designs and their strong visual appeal. Traditional collectors treasure their sheets in an album but many collectors new to philately think they are just too beautiful to hide away and frame them for the wall.

Stamp sheets have other names too. Customised sheets, mint sheets, generic sheets and Smilers - they are all the same thing. These large, usually A4 sized sheets contain genuine postage stamps, attached to a pictorial label, much like a Cinderella stamp. If that is a new term for you, you can find the meaning in our jargon buster. They are officially printed by Royal Mail (so the quality is assured) but the designs are owned, created and sponsored by separate companies, or "sheet producers". Buckingham Covers is one of them.

Types of Stamp Sheets

There are 3 types of stamp sheets available;

  • Official sheets

These are sheets produced for a business or organisation, such as British Airways, Euro star, Air Singapore etc. This is often in partnership with a sheet producer such as Buckingham Covers, so the organisation benefits from leading designers creating the sheet.

  • Charity sheets

These are either released by or on behalf of a charity to raise funds. Charity sheets have been created for ChildLine, RNLI etc. Usually, the sheet is designed and created by a sheet producer, such as Buckingham Covers, so the charity draws upon their expertise.

  • Standard customised sheets

This is any sheet designed by a sheet producer such as Buckingham Covers, Bradbury, Benham etc.


Because you want the BEST

Buckingham Covers Proud to Retain their Investors in People status for another three years

Based in Folkestone, Kent, we design, manufacture and sell our exclusive covers and stamp sheets.

Our first customised stamp sheet was produced in January 2006. As one of the original companies producing these stunning collectables, Buckingham Sheets have grown from strength to strength. We have now produced over 80 mint sheets and have some amazing plans for the future. 

We are passionate about our covers and stamp sheets. We go the extra mile and get the extra grey hairs to make every release have the wow-factor. Each sheet we produce is:

  • A Limited Edition
  • Beautifully designed by our in-house Design Team
  • Investment quality
  • Exclusive to us - you won't find them in the shops

Below are a few of our Latest sheets, to browse the shop for more Stamp sheets click here


200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo Stamp Sheet


  • Commemorating the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo
  • Featuring a stunning image of the Charge of the Scots Greys
  • With 10 labels featuring events from the battle
  • Marking the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo
  • A limited edition of just 350 sheets
  • Available signed by Jason Salkey

From: £25.00

40th Anniversary of the National Railway Museum Stamp Sheet


  • Celebrating the National Railway Museum's 40th anniversary
  • Featuring artwork from the museums own archive
  • With 10 1st class firework stamps
  • Marking the 40th anniversary of the National Railway Museum
  • A limited edition of just 350 sheets
  • Available signed by Dr Alex Langlands

From: £30.00

Sir Winston Churchill 75th Anniversary Stamp Sheet


  • Celebrating 75 years since Sir Winston Churchill became Prime Minister for the first time
  • With imagery depicting Churchill's life and death
  • Union Jack stamps & 10 labels featuring Sir Winston Churchill
  • Limited edition of just 500 sheets
  • Available signed by Ian McNeice

From: £25.00

Celebrating the 175th Anniversary of Cunard Stamp Sheet


  • Celebrating the 175th anniversary of Cunard
  • Features a lovely image of the Cunard building in Liverpool
  • With 10 labels featuring images of the three Queens
  • Marking the 175th anniversary of Cunard
  • Limited edition of just 500 sheets
  • Available signed by Captain Chris Wells


From: £25.00