Refund Policy

Refunds & Returns

Everything we sell is sent on a 30 days approval. If you do not like the cover for any reason, you can send it back to us for full credit or refund. If you are a regular customer, we normally credit your account with us and use the credit towards your next order. We do this because when we sent out refunds by cheque, many customers found it inconvenient and returned the cheque to us to pay for their next cover anyway. If you would prefer us to refund your credit/debit card or to send you a cheque however, just let us know.

How To Pay (If You Are Not Buying From Our Online Store)

For written, phoned or faxed orders you can pay by cheque, postal order or by debit/credit card. We are happy to accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. If you pay by card, we will not charge your card until your order is ready to post so, if you are making advance orders, you will not pay until they are ready.

Why We Prefer Credit Or Debit Cards

There are many great things about using plastic. Firstly, we only charge you as we invoice so you do not have to keep money in your account. Then, if we have to refund, we can do it electronically so it’s instantaneous. Paying by card allows us to sort things out quickly and when we invoice, all of the paperwork is done so your account is immediately correct.

Why You Too Are Better Off Using Your Card

Remember the card provider looks after all transactions. If you ever have a problem, your bank will help. Tony once got his accommodation refunded by Barclaycard on a holiday that went wrong, so he knows about these things! Not that you will need that protection when dealing with Buckingham Covers but, still, it’s reassuring for you to know that we need the goodwill of the card issuer: this gives you strength. It also means you are in a better position to grab any one-off covers. A cheque has to be posted, recorded then invoiced, whereas with a card all it takes is a phone call and we can send your cover straight to you.