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Hitachi Stamp Sheet Presentation Pack

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  • Celebrating Hitachi's Class 395 trains
  • Limited edition of just 600 sheets
  • Available signed by the train driver David Bull

Issue Date: 01/06/2009

Issue Name: Hitachi Stamp Sheet Presentation Pack

Producer: Buckingham Covers


There was a time not too long ago when train travel was more about the journey and less about the destination. When you jumped on board a train you were in for the ultimate ride; luxurious rail cars, fine dining and absolute comfort. Travelling by train was the perfect indulgence - it was the golden era of train travel.


  • Celebrating Hitachi's Class 395 trains
  • Limited edition of just 600 sheets
  • Available signed by the train driver David Bull


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Our Hitachi Rail Sheet Presentation Pack

We are very proud to have worked officially with Hitachi to produce this stunning sheet. The design harks back to the '20's and '30's with it's Art Deco style - classy and stylish, as it was in the golden age of rail travel. The striking labels accompanying the stamps have been created by Hitachi's own designer, Michael Ballantine.


High Speed Trains

The arrival of the fastest commuter trains in Britain will slash journey times considerably for many Kent travellers. At speeds of up to 140mph, journey time from London to Ashford will be as short as 36mins.

Hitachi's Class 395 trains are the result of years of research and development to deliver a more effective and efficient train, formed from the integration of Hitachi's more eco-friendly A-train technology with Japanese bullet train technology.

The Class 395 has the ability to travel on both AC high speed lines, at speeds of up to 140mph and on DC lines, offering operational flexibility across the entire Kent network without disrupting journeys.

The trains are configured as a High Speed Commuter Service with a 2+2 seating layout, longer seat pitch, CCTV and Passenger Information System, all designed to enhance the customer experience and deliver a more comfortable ride.

With the launch of the first Class 395 train from London's St Pancras station, Hitachi's world advanced technical capabilities and product reliability have finally been recognised in Britain, birthplace of the railway.


What are stamp sheets?

A stamp sheet is around A4 size and contains 10 first class stamps (the Firework stamps in this stamp sheet being an example) contained in a special design. The stamps are valid for postage, but you don't want to be ripping this up! Most people collect sheets in an album although some of them frame them for the wall.


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Total number of sheets printed: 600


David Bull started as a secondman at Gillingham in 1974.  After a few years making tea for drivers, he passed out as a relief driver in 1981 on class 33 locos.

In 1984 he gained promotion to a driver at Slade Green moving back to Gillingham as a driver in 1986.  With the privatisation of the railways looming and the loss of freight work to Hoo Jn, David moved to his present depot at Ramsgate.

As a local drivers rep, he and his other colleagues were asked to go to Tring , where the design company who were working on the interior of the 395 cabs wanted their help in deciding where all the equipment was to be placed . This was a first, he thinks, in that drivers were actually being consulted about cab design and lay out . The result is an extremely well set out cab with all the controls easily to hand.  

David completed his training in March 2009 and was very proud to be able to work the first passenger service to St Pancras on Monday 29 th June 2009 arriving at St Pancras one minute early!

He is also very proud that his eldest son Andrew has now also passed out as a 395 driver at Ramsgate and will be joining him soon on the high speed service.


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