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Admiral Nelson Stamp Sheet

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250th Anniversary of Nelson's Death stamp sheet, signed by Lieutenant Commander Douglas Whild £45.00 Sold Out

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  • Commemorating the 250th anniversary of Nelson's birth
  • Limited edition of just 1758 sheets
  • Available signed by Lieutenant Commander Douglas Whild

Issue Date: 28/09/2008

Issue Name: Admiral Nelson Stamp Sheet

Producer: Buckingham Covers


Our most famous British Admiral, Horatio Nelson was well known for his ability to inspire and bring out the best in his men, to the point that it gained a name: "The Nelson Touch". This year sees the 250th anniversary of his birth and we're commemorating this occasion with a stunning stamp sheet. As with all our sheets, this beautiful tribute to Nelson has been given "The Cath Touch " (sorry, couldn't resist) and as a result we expect to sell out fast!


  • Commemorating the 250th anniversary of Nelson's birth
  • Limited edition of just 1758 sheets
  • Available signed by Lieutenant Commander Douglas Whild


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What are stamp sheets?

A stamp sheet is around A4 size and contains 10 first class stamps (the Union Jack flag stamps in this stamp sheet being an example) contained in a special design. The stamps are valid for postage, but you don't want to be ripping this up! Most people collect sheets in an album although some of them frame them for the wall.


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Total number of sheets printed: 1758


Lieutenant Commander Douglas Whild was born on 21 March 1961 in Reading, Berkshire, Douglas joined the Royal Navy in 1981 at the tender age of 20 as an ordinary seaman and was promptly given the nickname “Oscar” which has stuck ever since!  Five months later found Oscar steaming towards the South Atlantic in the frigate HMS Broadsword.  After the Falklands conflict in 1982 he returned to HMS Dryad to complete his initial RADAR training and was very proud to be informed that his actions in the conflict had been recognised with a “Mention in Dispatches” for bravery under fire.  For the next 12 years, he worked his way through the ranks, serving in several Devonport based ships as a RADAR operator, at the Fleet Maintenance Base at Defiance and seeing further action in the Gulf.  Since promotion to the Officer Corps as a Special Duties Officer in 1994, Oscar has served in a variety of ships, from the aircraft carrier HMS Invincible to First Lieutenant in the fishery protection ship, HMS Alderney, where he was awarded an “Oscar” for the squadron's best boarding officer, bringing in over £130,000 in fines from offending foreign fishermen.

During his fourth visit to the Falklands in 2002, as First Lieutenant of HMS Leeds Castle, Oscar organised several community projects with the local population on some of the outlying islands.  This tour of the Falklands included a 13 days deployment to the remote and uninhabited South Sandwich Islands where he landed on the heavily smoking Bellinghausen Island, possibly a first as the Admiralty Pilot states no previous landings had been recorded.

In 2003, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and appointed as the Ships Facilities Co-ordinator in Portsmouth where he was responsible for the provision of non-engineering support to all ships alongside, both domestic and foreign. This period incorporated many challenging and high profile events including the International Festival of the Sea and Trafalgar 200 celebrations.

Looking to draw on the many and varied skills that he has picked up during his naval career, Oscar joined HMS Victory as Commanding Officer on 1 September 2008.

He is married to Nicky, they have 3 children and live in Portsmouth, Hampshire.  His main hobby is paragliding and he has taken an active part in several Inter-Services championships including the unprecedented win by the RN team at the Alpine Championships in Slovenia 2007.


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