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A1 Pacifics Stamp Sheet

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A1 Pacifics stamp sheet, carried on test run of Tornado, Britain's 1st NEW steam train for 50 years £50.00 Sold Out
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A1 Pacifics stamp sheet, carried on test run of Tornado, Carried and signed by John Wigston GRA £60.00 Sold Out

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  • Celebrating Britain’s first new steam train in over 50 years!
  • Limited edition of just 1965 sheets
  • Available signed by John Wigston GRA

Issue Date: 22/07/2008

Issue Name: A1 Pacifics Stamp Sheet

Producer: Buckingham Covers


This sheet celebrates Britain’s first new steam train in over 50 years. On Wednesday 9th January 2008, 18 years of dreaming and a hard won £3 million came together as the first lumps of coal were shovelled into the newly built A1 Pacific No 60163 Tornado by the widow of the man who designed the class. It was the first time since 1960 that a fire has been lit in a new steam locomotive built for the UK network. On top of that, it has been: Over 50 years since we've had a new standard gauge express passenger steam locomotive. Over 40 years since an A1 has been seen in action 50 years since a steam loco was last built in Darlington.

A1 Pacific No 60163 Tornado is a completely new locomotive. It is not a reproduction or a preserved engine. The locomotive has been built from an original design but with up-to-the-minute technology. That makes it a landmark in railway history.


  • Celebrating Britain’s first new steam train in over 50 years!
  • Limited edition of just 1965 sheets
  • Available signed by John Wigston GRA


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A1 Pacific No 60163 Tornado

In 1990 a group of people came together to share an extraordinary ambition – to construct a brand new Peppercorn A1 Pacific.  They formed The A1 Steam Locomotive Trust and after nineteen years of incredible effort that locomotive, No. 60163 Tornado, moved under its own power for the first time in 2008.


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Total number of sheets printed: 1965


John E. Wigston was born at Redhill, Surrey in 1939, but spent most of  his early life in Chingford, Essex.

All his life, transport has fascinated him, especially railways.  It was natural, therefore, for transport to be the earliest subject for his other hobby – painting.

After initial training in horticulture, three years in the RAF and two years with Ilford Films at Brentwood, he moved to the North East and joined ICI on Teesside.  His art began to take on more importance when he attended Hartlepool College of Art where he received much encouragement from the staff and in 1969 had his first one-man exhibition at the Gray Art Gallery, Hartlepool.

More exhibitions followed, including the Museum of British Transport, Clapham and Doncaster Art Galleries.  The 1975 150 Celebration brought a commission from the Tourist Board for a painting of 'Locomotion' which in turn led to more commissions from Barclays Bank, the North of England Development Council and one from as far as Canada.

Marine painting is an important part of his work.  H.M.S. Warrior, the worlds first iron battleship is one of his major subjects and he mounted an exhibition aboard the ship during its restoration at Hartlepool.  He has recently completed a commission from New York of the American liner 'Constitution'.

However, anything driven by steam fascinates him and in recent years he has enjoyed the company of traction engine enthusiasts.  This has led to paintings of these wonderful machines in their various forms from industrial, agricultural and fairground scenes.

Railways still remain a favourite subject and he is now very much involved with a railway society in Falun, central Sweden and is a member of the Guild of Railway Artists.

Although still occupied with the painting of steam locomotives, John has worked on a series of watercolours from the famous Cunard Liners ranging from the 1880's to their present day fleet.  In the summer 1996 he was artist in residence on the QE2 on a transatlantic passage to New York and was recently commissioned by Svitzer Tonnage Ltd, for a painting of their tugs with the QE2's last departure from Southampton.

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