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Christmas 2014 Stamps Cover

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  • Full set of Christmas stamps
  • Stunning image by Malcolm Root
  • With a Snowstreet, Diss postmark (4th November, 2014)
  • Available signed by Malcolm Root

Issue Date: 04/11/2014

Issue Name: Christmas 2014 Stamps Cover

Producer: Buckingham Covers


This beautiful cover, designed by Cath, celebrates Christmas and features a traditional Christmas scene by renowned transport artist Malcolm Root. The cover image 'Last Day of Term' features a 1950s Bristol LSG school bus.


  • Our beautiful cover features the full set of Christmas stamps
  • Featuring a stunning image by renowned transport artist Malcolm Root
  • With a Snowstreet, Diss postmark (4th November, 2014)
  • Available signed by the artist Malcolm Root


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Last Day of Term - Malcolm Root 1998

The holly wreath on the cottage door proclaims that the excitement of Christmas is not far off, but there is also all the fun of a substantial snowfall. Even in the road where vehicles have passed it is still crisp and soft underfoot, and there has been enough to build a large snowman, in the cottage garden. The downside is that the school bus has managed to get through to the village, so even though it is the last day of term before the Christmas holidays, the snowman must be abandoned and school satchels gathered up to be shouldered for the last time this term.

The sturdy school bus that the children hoped might not arrive is a Bristol LSG, a model first produced in 1946 and then updated in 1950. The bus shown, with the Essex registration number ONO 49, is one of a batch with bodies built by Eastern Coach Works and delivered to Eastern National in 1950. The model was front-engined with a back-loading saloon, but the design was changed to give a front entrance in 1952. Unlike the AEC Regal, the roof was extended to cover the bonnet on this model. The driver had an isolated cab, keeping him cut off from whatever goings-on occurred in the saloon behind him, something many of today's drivers might envy from time to time! The Bristol buses were produced by the Bristol Commercial Vehicle Company. Although also based in Bristol, this was a completely separate company from the Bristol Aeroplane Company which also produced Bristol cars after the Second World War. The bus manufacturing company later amalgamated with Tillings.

Malcolm Root was born in Colchester in 1950 and still lives in nearby Halstead. From an early age he combined his love of art with a fascination for all kinds of transport. On leaving school he entered the printing industry and in 1981 took the decision to become a full-time professional artist. Commissions followed, particularly for railway scenes, and in 1983 he was elected a full member of the Guild of Railway Artists. Malcolm's paintings have encompassed almost every form of transport, from horse and cart and tram to Concorde and 'le Shuttle'. They have also appeared in many forms including fine art prints, collectors' plates, jigsaws, calendars and books.


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Malcolm Root is a British artist who concentrates on classic transport subjects.

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