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Ponds at Scotney Castle

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A CLASSIC from our FIRST Series When Royal Mail issued stamps called "Pond Life" in 2001, we were inspired by the fabulous lake at Scotney Castle. This stunning cover ...

Issue Date: 10/07/2001

Issue Name: stamp issue name

Producer: Buckingham Covers

A CLASSIC from our FIRST Series

When Royal Mail issued stamps called "Pond Life" in 2001, we were inspired by the fabulous lake at Scotney Castle. This stunning cover was officially produced with the National Trust and what's more, the Ground Force team all agreed to sign it.

As one of our very early covers, before Buckingham Covers were "discovered", very few were produced and ever fewer signed.

This is a classic cover from the first ever Buckingham Cover series. It was in fact, only the 10th first day cover we have ever produced. Because of this, it doesn't have all the niceties of our covers today. Signed editions do not have labels on the reverse (we started this in 2005) for example. But this is part of the charm. Our style may have evolved but the design still has the hallmark of Buckingham quality.

Combine its scarcity with the fact it is an official National Trust cover - and then add such popular autographs - and you know you have a true winner in your collection.

Scotney Castle

Scotney Castle, fondly known as "one of the Seven Wonders of the Weald" is a ruined fortification in Lamberhurst, Kent in the South East of England. It's popular with tourists not just for the building itself but also for the picturesque grounds and the romantic setting.

The gardens have spectacular displays of Rhododendrons, azaleas and Kalmia. Wisteria and rambling roses cover the ruins in Summer and trees and ferns provide rich autumn colours.The lakeside setting and a thatched ice-house complete the romance

Find out more at the Great British Gardens website.

Signed Editions Groundforce

BBC1 makeover show Ground Force is one of the most successful gardening programmes ever made. The dream team was:

Alan Titchmarsh

Alan Titchmarsh's career as a gardener, writer and broadcaster has been nothing but success. Alan took over Gardeners' World in 1996 and started presenting the BBC hit show, Ground Force after that. Viewers took him to their hearts straight away. He won the Garden Writers Guild "Television Personality of the Year" award 4 years in a row. When presenting Alan with his MBE in the New Year's Honours List 1999, Her Majesty allegedly told him "You have given a lot of ladies a lot of pleasure" (something which Alan is said to want inscribed on his tombstone!).

Charlie Dimmock

One of Britain's best known and best loved gardeners, specialising in water features. Having first come to the nation's attention on BBC1's incredibly popular Ground Force, Charlie has gone on to present two series of her own; Charlie's Garden Army and Charlie's Wildlife Garden, both BBC.

Tommy Walsh

Tommy has always been involved in gardening in one way or another. When he finished school, he joined his father making garden products and doing hard landscaping. It was quite by chance that he ended up on Ground Force. He was doing building work for the executive producer and impressed her so much that she invited him to screen test with another unknown named Charlie Dimmock. The rest, as they say, is history!

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We also produced an alternative edition of the Scotney Castle cover, with a single dragonfly stamp - currently available for a bargain £20 double signed by both Charlie Dimmock AND Tommy Walsh! Click here to find out more--->

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