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Battle of Britain Monument (cover 1)

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"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few".Sir Winston Churchill In a city that commemorates so many military victories, there was one crucial ...

Issue Date: 15/09/2004

Issue Name: stamp issue name

Producer: Buckingham Covers

"Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few".Sir Winston Churchill

In a city that commemorates so many military victories, there was one crucial battle that had no tribute in London. A battle fought above our heads, when the future of the nation hung in the balance.A battle won thanks to the courage of ordinary people, fighting for their homes in the skies and on the ground.

2005 saw this gap being filled with the opening of perhaps the most exciting memorial to be established in London: the Battle of Britain Monument.

The cost of the Monument was met entirely by donations from the public (the National Lottery rejected it). We were proud to be able to support the Monument through two special covers, all raising funds. This is the commemorative cover.

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The Commemorative Cover A Day to Remember DVD

The high quality DVD produced in association with THE HISTORY CHANNEL tells the story of the Battle of Britain Monument, the man who sculpted it and the Battle of Britain which inspired it.

Click here to find out more about this DVD.

This superb cover has two postmarks from:

Guernsey for 10 July

The "official" start date of the Battle

Biggin Hill for the 15 September

Celebrated as "Battle of Britain Day").

The running figure on the cover illustration shows one of the sculptures on the Monument itself.

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About the London Monument

The Monument itself is exciting for many reasons. To start with, it is the only Monument to list all 2,935 airmen from 15 countries who flew in the Battle of Britain.This was a labour of love. When the project began, there was no definitive list. Volunteers went through every record available: war records, photographs, newspaper articles, and books. They appealed to the public for information and scoured every record they could find both inside and outside the UK. It was extremely difficult to learn of all the overseas pilots since their names were not necessarily easy to spell for the British clerks. To make life harder, a number of pilots also changed their names after the war when they settled in new countries.

The Monument is also special for its uniquely human emphasis. Military memorials usually concentrate on the fighters, often emphasising a sense of loss and waste. But this Monument is a celebration of ordinary people. It pays tribute not just to the courage of the pilots but to everyone on the ground as well, remembering the unglamorous heroism of factory workers, aircraft mechanics, air wardens and telephone engineers. This is about real people doing both extraordinary things – flying in combat, loading guns, sheltering from bombs – and very ordinary ones – making tea, chatting, comforting a child. The different scenes merge and flow into each other, reminding how everyone worked as a unified team.

Signed Editions

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The few are only getting fewer and since 2005, many of those brave men and women involved in the Battle of Britain are no longer with us.

We are proud that before he died, Air Commodore Peter Brothers CBE DSO DFC* was able to sign some of these covers to raise funds for the Monument.

By the end of the war Pete Brothers had amassed 875 operational hours over a 44-month period. He was credited with having personally shot down 16 enemy aircraft and damaged many more.

He passed away on 18th December 2008.

A limited number were also signed by the exceptionally brave Wing Commander John Elkington

Multi-Signed Edition

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Later on, after the Monument's Official Opening, we managed to arrange for a small number of these covers to become a multi-signed edition. Each of these was signed by 4 great men:

Squadron Leader Tony Iveson DFC

Bomber Command, posted to No.617 Dam Busters Squadron in 1944 flying Lancasters. Flew all three attacks on German battleship "Tirpitz"

Raymond Baxter OBE

Joined the RAF in 1940 (602 Squadron) but is better known to many people as the first presenter of Tomorrow's World, and as a commentator for the BBC at airshows and motor racing events throughout the fifties, sixties and into the seventies.

Flight Officer Jack Riddle

Scored one kill before and one kill after joining No 601 Squadron during the Battle of Britain).

Squadron Leader Basil Gerald Stapleton DFC

One of the outstanding fighter pilots of the Battle of Britain, accounting for nearly 20 enemy aircraft destroyed, probably destroyed or damaged, all while flying Spitfires.

Double Signed Editions

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A sell out at the time, our double signed editions were autographed by 2 brothers: Jack Riddle and Hugh Riddle. Both served in 601 Squadron in the Battle of Britain.

No 601 Squadron was formed at Northolt in 14 October 1925 as a light bomber unit of the Auxiliary Air Force. When World War Two broke out, 601 Squadron fighter patrols started off with Blenheims but in March 1940 converted to Hurricanes. No 601 Squadron flew Hurricanes from Tangmere until moving to Debden for two weeks on 19 August 1940. They returned to Tangmere on the 2nd of September and then moved to the relative quiet of Exeter in 10 Group on the 7th of September 1940.

Flight Officer Jack Riddle scored one kill before and one kill after joining No 601 Squadron during the Battle of Britain. He was Hugh Riddle's younger brother.

Flight Officer Hugh Riddle scored a single kill on the 11th of July 1940 flying with No 601 Squadron. Both Hugh and Jack Riddle were promoted to Squadron Leader on the same date: the 1st of December 1941.

We also had a limited number of covers double signed by the Sculptor and Architect of the BoB Monument. Again, these sold out at the time.

If you love the Battle of Britain Monument, don't miss the chance to add our second cover to your collection. It also raised funds for the Monument and was personally signed by more incredible people --->

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