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Great British Railways Set of 5 Covers

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  • Great British Railways Set of 5 Covers
  • Each featuring a different railway
  • With various postmarks (19th August, 2010)

Issue Date: 19/08/2010

Issue Name: Great British Railways Set of 5 Covers

Producer: Buckingham Covers


We produced a few sets of 5 covers for the Great British Railways issue and are pleased to present them. Each set contains one of the following covers: Southern Railway cover - postmarked at Waterloo. London Midland & Scottish Railway cover - postmarked at Euston. London & North Eastern Railway cover - postmarked at Kings Cross. British Railways cover - postmarked at Swindon. Great Western Railway cover - postmarked at Paddington.


  • Great British Railways Set of 5 Covers
  • Each featuring a different railway
  • With various postmarks (19th August, 2010)


Southern Railway

Southern Railway was established in the 1923 grouping of the railways. Southern Railway then went through a period of slow recovery in the late 1940s but the reality of the situation was that after the ravages of the war the British railway system was worn out. Under the Transport Act of 6th August 1947 the railway was nationalised and became the Southern Region of British Railways.

The London & North Eastern Railway

The London & North Eastern Railway had three Chief Mechanical Engineers. The first was Herbert Nigel Gresley, who held the post for most of the London & North Eastern Railway’s existence, he also arguably had the greatest influence on the railway.Like many the London & North Eastern Railway had suffered badly as a result of enemy action during the war and in 1948 it was nationalised.

British Rail

The British rail transport system developed during the 19th century and comprised of many independent lines each being promoted by a private company. During the First World War all the railways were brought under government control and after the war was over, economic pressure forced many railways into decline. The government took action and at the time the political mood was not in favour of state ownership, instead the railways were amalgamated into four main companies - Southern Railway, Great Western Railway, London & North Eastern Railway and London, Midland & Scottish Railway.

1994 saw the official opening of the Channel Tunnel, making the railways of Britain truly part of the European network for the first time. Now, in the 21st Century, railways are back in favour as a mode of transport, largely on account of their "green" credentials. A new phase of modernisation is in hand for other major routes. The next few years promise to be exciting times for observers of the railway scene in Great Britain.

London, Midland & Scottish Railway

The London, Midland & Scottish Railway was established in the 1923 grouping of the railways. The constituent companies of the LMS were: London & North Western Railway - which had amalgamated wth the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway in 1922 - Midland Railway, North Staffordshire Railway, Furness Railway, Caledonain Railway, Glasgow & South Western Railway, Highland Railway and the Maryport & Carlisle Railway. A total of 10,316 locomotives passed to the LMS at the grouping and the first chief Mechanical Engineer was George Hughes of the Midland Railway.

Great Western Railway

Originally founded in 1833 the Great Western Railway received its enabling Act of Parliament in 1835 and ran its first train in 1838. It was engineered by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who initially chose broad guage, but from 1854 a series of amalgamations saw it als operate standard guage trains; the last broad guage services were operated in 1892.


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