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Classic Locos of Wales Set of 4 Covers

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  • Classic Locomotives of Wales
  • Stunning set of 4 covers
  • Each with a different postmark

Issue Date: 20/02/2014

Issue Name: Classic Locos of Wales Set of 4 Covers

Producer: Buckingham Covers


The Classic Locomotives series pays tribute to the ‘workhorses’ of the railways, many of which had working lives of several decades before diesel and electric technology completely took over in the 1960s. The earliest railways in Wales were built for commercial and industrial purposes and served collieries and smelting works. Classic Locomotives of Wales features steam locomotives used not just on the public railway network but also in many industrial settings, the main one being the transportation of coal from the steep narrow valleys to ports such as Cardiff and Barry.  Our Classic Locomotives of Wales stunning set of 4 covers each featuring a different postmark. 


  • Classic Locomotives of Wales
  • Stunning set of 4 covers
  • Each with a different postmark


Classic Locomotives of Wales

LMS No 7720 (Ex LNWR Webb Coal Tank)LNWR Webb Coal Tank is a class of 0-6-2T steam locomotive. Called "Coal Tanks" because they were a side tank version of Webb's standard 17 in Coal Engine, an 0-6-0 tender engine for slow freight trains. 7720 is one of 292 of these engines that passed to the LMS and were renumbered. One Coal Tank number (ex-LMS 7799, originally LNWR 1054) has survived in preservation on the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway.

Hunslet Works No. 589 'Blanche' Built by the Hunslet Engine Company Ltd of Leeds in 1883 Blanche is a 1ft 10 gauge 0-4-0 saddle tank locomotive. One of the main-line engines of the Penhryn Quarries Ltd. The main line ran from the companies quarries near Bethesda to the shipping port at Port Penrhyn, near Bangor, bringing slate from the quarries to be sent for shipment across the UK via sea, and later rail.

W&LLR No.822 'The Earl' The Welshpool and Llanfair Light Railway opened on 4 April 1903, bringing development to a remote area. Built through difficult country the engines had to be compact and sturdy, capable of handling steep gradients. No.1 The Earl and No.2 The Countess, delivered in 1902, were named for the Earl and Countess of Powis who were great supporters of the railway.

BR5600 No. 5652 Introduced in 1924 the class was principally designed for use on the Welsh Valley Lines handling both passenger and goods traffic. A total of 200 were built by Great Western Railways, designed by Charles Collett who became Chief Mechanical Engineer for the GWR in 1921. They were extremely versatile engines with impressive power and acceleration.


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