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175th Anniversary of the GWR Mainline London to Bristol

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  • Commemorating the 175th Anniversary of the GWR Main Line
  • Featuring a GWR King Class stamp
  • With a Paddington London W2 Postmark

Issue Date: 30/06/2016

Issue Name: 175th Anniversary of the GWR Mainline London to Bristol

Producer: Buckingham Covers


The Great Western Railway mainline, London to Bristol will celebrates its 175th anniversary on 30th June 2016. To commemorate this special occasion we have designed this great Rail cover featuring a beautiful painting by John Wigston. The cover also features a GWR King Class stamp and is postmarked at Paddington, London W2.


  • Commemorating the 175th Anniversary of the Great Western Railway Main Line
  • Featuring a GWR King Class stamp
  • And a Paddington London W2 Postmark (30th June, 2016)


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175th Anniversary of the GWR Main Line - London to Bristol

The Great Western Railway was officially formed in 1832 and the Great Western Railway Act was eventually passed on the 31st August 1835 to start constructing a main line. The GWR appointed Isambard Kingdom Brunel as its chief engineer for the planning and construction of the line. Brunel's plan was that the GWR line would serve to link London with New York via Bristol, by rail and steamship. The proposed route was to be as straight and level as possible to allow an early high speed link, as the locomotives would be able to acheive faster speeds. The standard guage was considered by Brunel too narrow to safely support the locomotives at the proposed speed and he controversially suggested introducing a broad guage of 7ft to ensure a safer run. At the end of 1840, 80 miles of the route had been completed out of London with 11 miles out of Bath and in early 1841 just the work on Box Tunnel was holding up the completion of the railway. With one final push, the main 116 mile line from London to Bristol opened on the 30th June 1841. 


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