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Standard Brown Railway Album

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Name Price
Pack of 10 extra double leaves to fit Buckingham Covers (usual postage charge applies) £3.45 Buy Now
Pack of 10 extra single leaves for photographs/large items (usual postage charge applies) £3.45 Buy Now
Standard Brown Railway cover album (sent postage free but delivered to UK only) £22.50 Buy Now

Product Information


  • Standard Railway Cover Album in Brown
  • Protect your investment!
  • Comes with 15 free double leaves
  • With a 4 ring mechanism

Issue Date: 23/06/2003

Issue Name: Standard Brown Railway Album

Producer: Safe Albums


The Standard Brown Railway Cover Album is a great, affordable way to protect and store your precious covers. It comes with 15 very high quality double leaves which will hold up to 60 covers.

It also has a good strong 4 ring mechanism and comes postage free (UK only).


  • Standard Railway Cover Album in Brown
  • Protect your investment!
  • Comes with 15 free high quality double leaves
  • With a good, strong 4 ring mechanism


The album leaves are made from a material called polypropylene which is acid free to protect your covers. This material is approved by the Library of Congress for archive quality storage.

The album comes in Brown with 15 free leaves to hold up to 60 covers. Extra leaves are available in packs of 10 at only £3.45, and we can supply leaves to hold larger items such as photographs. (Please let us know which sort you would like when ordering).


Sadly, because of postage costs, we can ONLY offer this album to customers living in the UK. Sorry.


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