Buckingham Premium

Terms & Conditions
  • Monthly charge will be on the first working day of each calendar month
  • An active credit or debit card must be available for the direct debit subscription charge
  • Your subscription can be cancelled at any time, the remainder of the month will continue with full membership perks
  • No refunds policy in place for subscription fee
  • If you wish to cancel, please make sure to do this by the 28th of the month to avoid the following month’s charge
  • Your 10% off discount code will be sent to you after 3 months of paid membership. The code is one-time use and can be applied to one order only.



Can I be a club member and a Premium member?

Yes, absolutely. Buckingham Premium will sit perfectly alongside club reservation memberships especially with the free postage incentive.

I’m a member and live in the UK, can my order be sent abroad?

Unfortunately not. The free postage is to UK addresses only.

I’m a non-UK resident, can I join?

Yes. However, we will need to charge you postage as the free postage applies to our UK customers only. You can still get the 10% online discount (ONE order only), members magazine and e-newsletter, and if you want to send to a family or friend in the UK then it’s a win-win!

How much is your single postage?

Our standard postage, packing and insurance rates for orders under £200 is £2.95 per sending, this is a third of the Premium monthly subscription!

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