Join A Club

At Buckingham Covers we realise that collecting is your hobby, it's how you relax and so we try and make things as easy as possible.

So why not let us supply your first day covers?

Since 2001 we believe we have produced the best first day covers in the world, taking the stamps that Royal Mail issue, our team of designers produce fantastic first day covers for them and wonderful special postmarks.

In addition, for autograph collectors, we offer a signed version, autographed by some-one connected with the issue, and through this we have raised tens of thousands of pounds for charity.

Finally, there are major anniversaries and events not commemorated with a special set of stamps, to mark some of these we also offer special rail, maritime, royalty and aviation cover clubs to mark some of these.

We are as passionate about cover collecting as you are and remember it is your hobby, so we stress you are under no obligation to buy everything ot even anything. Each club's covers are reserved for members before they go on general sale and we let you know what will be sent in advance so you always have the option to change, add or even stop covers before they are sent out.