Buckingham Covers - First Day Covers

Covers As An Investment


We are often asked what we think people should buy and will it go up in value. Well the honest answer is we really don’t know, if you knew next Saturday’s Lottery numbers would you tell us?

What we do know about, and offer both here on our website and in our Cover Lover magazine are good quality British First Day Covers.

When buying a house they say it is all about location, location, location, when buying First Day Covers it should be quality, quality, quality. We still do not know what will increase in price, but we think this will help, a nice unaddressed clear cover, will always be more attractive than a cover with a big address written all over it.

Also learn as much as you can about the hobby, buy a good catalogue and look at lots of covers, this way you will soon start to learn what is rare and what you see all the time.

In the past we have offered £2500 and £5000 ‘lots’ of good signed covers with a guaranteed buy back price after 5 years. At this point it is something we are no longer offering because of the low interest rates. This may be something we do again in the future, but have no plans at the moment.

What we can do is put together special collections of covers, for example if you have £1000 to spend and would like our selection of Prime Minister Items, we are happy to put together a collection for you and work out a great price. We can do this for most areas we stock, anything from early Airmail covers to Victoria Cross winners.