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PHQ Cards

These are postcards that feature an enlargement of each stamp in a set. The British Post Office was one of the first to publish these cards. This led to the name ("PHQ" is short for Post Office Head Quarters). Early PHQ cards are very elusive to find as they were produced in such small numbers.
PHQ cards can be bought mint or with stamps and postmarks. The latter is a fantastic and unusual way of collecting new postmarks. From January 2004 to December 2007, we offered a PHQ Card service for each new issue set of stamps, where we stuck the matching stamp on each PHQ card (either on the front or the back) and arranged for it to get the most relevant and complimentary postmark available. We produced these sets in small numbers and some popular issues such as Lord of the Rings from February 2004, seem impossible to find these days. We sold out at the time. We stopped this service in 2007 to focus on our covers and stamp sheets and we have very few PHQ sets left in stock - but if you're after anything in particular, it is always worth asking us! 
[Woodland Animals] This Woodland Animals PHQ card set shows a complete set of cards, with the stamps and postmarks on the back. You’ll see that the stamp matches the picture on the card and the postmark is relevant (eg. A badger postmark on badger card).
Miniature sheets on PHQ cards are a tricky one. The face value of the miniature sheet is the same as all the stamps in the set. This means that a single miniature sheet PHQ card costs the same as the entire matching set of cards. Because of this, we did not offer miniature sheet PHQ cards to start with. The first miniature sheet PHQ card we ever produced was for the 2004 Father Christmas issue and from then on, we produced miniature sheet cards by request only so they are very rare indeed.
Our holy grail of PHQ card sets are from the Classic Locomotives issue in January 2004 and as mentioned, the Lord of the Rings issue from February 2004. If you have any you want to sell, please email Betty.
PHQ Cards are also known as Stamp Cards or Maxi Cards/Maximum cards.