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Cinderella stamps

Remember Cinderella? She was the fairy-tale character who looked like a princess but was really a commoner in disguise. Cinderella stamps follow the same idea. They look like genuine postage stamps, but are really just decorative labels. A real postage stamp can only be issued by a genuine Post Office. However, anyone is welcome to design and print Cinderella stamps. They can’t be used for postage. They are very collectable and some people specialise just in Cinderella stamps. A Cinderella can bring a striking touch to a first day or commemorative cover. All our Cinderellas are mainly designed by Cath Buckingham and are unique to us.
This Tintagel Old Post Office (National Trust) first day cover has a unique Cinderella Tintagel stamp, cancelled with a cachet. For another example of a Cinderella, look at the Hornby cover shown in our definition of cachets.
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