Glossary: E


This term refers to either a stamp or a cover with an unintentional mistake, such as a printing or design fault. Very occasionally you may find an error stamp on a cover. More often, an error on a cover is due to a mistake on the envelope or the postmark design. Errors on covers include: missing colours, missing gold blocking and an incorrect postmark. Errors on stamps include missing perforations (imperforate) and missing colours. Sometimes, the Queen’s Head is missing. Cath and Tony Buckingham once found a whole sheet of the 1972 churches stamps missing the Queen’s Head and used them to produce just 6 first day covers - something to watch out for!
Errors are phenomenally collectable. Due to Royal Mail’s very high standard of inspection, very few stamps or postmarks with errors slip through the net. At Internet Stamps, we try to inspect all our covers just as thoroughly so hopefully you won’t ever get an error from us – but if you do, keep it safe!


This is a set of stamps issued once a year on a common theme with the rest of Europe. For example if this year’s theme was Birds, then during the year each country participating would issue stamps on that theme. Though not the same stamp in each country they can normally be spotted by a small Europa logo.