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Collecting Autographs

Buckingham Covers Autographs

Is there anything more exciting than holding something in your hand that was signed by your hero? Not a lot comes close. Short of tracking your idol down to obtain that ‘selfie’, with Buckingham Covers, you get to own their signature – FOREVER.

At Buckingham Covers we pride ourselves on selling genuine signatures and because we keep our print-runs small, we can guarantee that our signed covers are limited editions.

Collecting Autographs is very rewarding but it can be very costly, which is why we do all the hard work for you. For our covers we go directly to the signer and for our historic items, we source our signatures from reputable dealers where provenance can be traced. We only offer GENUINE signatures. And when forgeries do come through our doors, we sell them as such and a cachet is added to say that they are not the real deal. With at least 80% of signatures on the market being forgeries, we can offer you peace of mind that what you are buying from us is genuine and of the best quality.

One thing we enjoy about getting Celebrities to sign for us is that we are helping Charities along the way. They sign for us and at the same time donate money to amazing charities to support worthwhile causes. So far we’ve helped raise over £750,000 since we began in 2000!

Did you know that we’ve had every Prime Minister over the last 20 years sign for us? Whatever your bag is, we’re sure we’ve got someone who you just need for your collection. Whether it’s the Apollo 11 Mission team, famous authors like the fantastic Terry Pratchett, infamous Bond actors such as Roger Moore, Sporting Legends like Andy Murray and so many more!