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Nothing to Lose and Lots to Gain!

Why Join a Club?


Buckingham Covers are respected and collected throughout the philatelic world.

Joining a club allows YOU to build the collection YOU want!


Here are just some of the benefits of Buckingham Club Membership:


  • You will be dealing with one of the biggest producers of British First Day and Commemorative covers, who are trusted by thousands of collectors all over the world
  • Buckingham Covers have been producing covers for nearly 20 years and our design team have over 80 years' experience between them!
  • Each issue is automatically reserved for you
  • We will let you know what is reserved so you can change, add, or cancel any issue at any time
  • Reduced prices - save £1 on all new standard covers
  • Lowest price on signed covers
  • It's free to join and free to leave
  • Earn rewards when you spend - each £25 you spend on Buckingham Covers earns a token which can be used towards free albums or credit to spend with us


FREE Luxury Albums (or Credit)

As a club member, you qualify for our loyalty scheme. For every £25 you spend on Buckingham covers or stamp sheets you get a point (or token). We will notify you regularly of the number of tokens you have earned and you can use these tokens against luxury albums to house your collection.

How can your tokens be used?

  • Earn 8 tokens and get a standard cover album half price (£11.25 including postage*)                                                                                               
  • Earn 15 tokens and get a standard cover album for FREE (including postage*).
  • Earn 33 tokens and get a luxury cover album half price (£50 including postage*).
  • Earn 66 tokens and get a luxury cover album for FREE (including postage*).
  • Earn 25 tokens and get £15 credit on your account.
  • Earn 50 tokens and get £30 credit on your account.


*With regret, we can only send albums to customers living in the UK. The reason being that the cost of posting one of our luxury albums overseas is about the same price as the actual album itself.




Got a question?

Call our friendly Customer Service Team on 01303 278 137

or email Betty@buckinghamcovers.com