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Himalayan Trust

We would all like a world where everybody’s basic needs are met and every child has access to an education. The Himalayan Trust UK aims to ensure this happens in the remote mountainous districts of Nepal – in particular the regions surrounding Everest and Kanchenjunga.

Their projects are all requested by the mountain people of Nepal, who contribute to the projects themselves. They are an experienced organisation, continually working to improve how they manage and monitor the work they do.


The Himalayan Trust UK works to the guiding principles laid down by Sir Edmund Hillary when he founded the Trust:

  • To focus on basic infrastructure – education, health, environment
  • To do only that which is requested by the mountain people of Nepal
  • To involve the mountain people of Nepal themselves in the work – “self help”
  • To minimise all unnecessary cost
  • To facilitate direct transfer of funds (i.e. virtually no “leakage”)

The Himalayan Trust UK trustees work on an entirely voluntary basis. A modest 2.5% of funds are spent on administration, all in Nepal, all contributing to the local economy.

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