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Dame Vera Lynn Trust

Formally known as the “Dame Vera Lynn Trust for Children with Cerebral Palsy”, it was the decision of their Board of Trustees in 2015 to change the title of the Charity to “Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity” to provide a clearer definition of our status.

Dame Vera Lynn set up the Dame Vera Lynn Children’s Charity to provide a service for those less fortunate than herself, it offers an early intervention service for babies and children under five years of age with cerebral palsy and other motor learning difficulties.  In the UK around 1,800 babies are diagnosed with cerebral palsy each year.

They receive no statutory funding and rely entirely on the community to raise the funds needed each year to ensure that we can continue to provide this vital service to our families.

They provide their service at West Sussex to over 50 families. Their aim is to be able to provide Conductive Education to families with young children affected by cerebral palsy and associated motor learning difficulties and to ensure everyone is made aware of the existence of their service.

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