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Mickey Bushell


Paralympic T53 100m Gold Medallist


Team GB Member at the age of 15  -  World T53 100 Record Holder  -  Beijing T53 100 Silver Medalist  -  IPC World Champ. 100m Silver  -  IPC World Champ 200m Bronze  -  European T53 100 Record Holder  -  European T53 200 Record Holder  -  British T53 100m Record Holder  -  British T53 200m Record Holder  -  British T53 400m Record Holder  -  British T53 800m Record Holder

Mickey was born on the 8th June 1990 at the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital. He weighed in at 6lb 4oz,.  He came with a very rare medical condition called Lumbar Sacral Spinal Agenesis Congenital Paraplegia. At the time, there were only 15 similar cases in the England.

Doctors told his parents, Pete and Shelley, that the likely-hood of Mickey being able to sit up or move on his own were very slim… but they hadn’t taken into account the Bushell spirit ! “From an early age Mickey broke all the rules”, says Mum, Shelley, “He could sit, he could crawl and he developed an uncanny knack of climbing up the furniture”.

At three years old Mickey was walking around on his hands in a ‘hand-stand ‘ position with his legs above his head. “It was pretty tiring for Mickey (using his arms all the time)” , says, dad, Pete, “but I think that is where he gets his strength and stamina for his wheelchair racing”.

Mickey got his first NHS wheelchair at two years old. “It was a blue plywood cart with two armchair casters, two rubber wheels and a moulded cushion!, said Mickey. “ It was a museum piece really but I loved zipping around the house in it”.

Mickey attended mainstream education at Hart’s Hill Nursery and Holmer Lake County Primary.  His sporting abilities were first noted at the Arthog Outdoor Education Centre on the Welsh coast during his junior school days. Staff at the centre were amazed that he could canoe, rock climb, abseil and body board

At 11 years old, he was spotted by Paralympian Deborah Brennan and her father Keith. They saw Mickey in his day chair speeding around the school hall during a game of dodge ball at the Saturday club. 

They suggested Mickey try wheelchair-racing. Mickey said yes and the following week he and his parents made the first of many drives to the Home of Birchfield Harriers at the Alexander Stadium in Birmingham.

He started training once a week at first, and competed in his first race just a couple of months later at the West Midland Regional Athletics Championships, again held at the Alexander Stadium. Mickey was entered in the 60m and 100m - he won both with ease..... and has never looked back!


Actor: Keanu Reeves

Radio Station: Kerrang

RallyTeam: Peugeot

Film: Paul

Book: ‘'Prey' by Michael Crichton

Music: Foo Fighters and Trance Music

TV program: Little Britain, The Simpsons

Sportsman: David Weir

Sportswoman: Chantal Petitclerc

Things: Training & competing, making my brother laugh, baby sitting little sister, playing chess with my Dad

Foods: Pasta with bacon & tomato sauce, beans on toast

Drinks: Dr Pepper, Lucozade

TV Sport: Wheelchair racing, Strongman events, UFC

Race: Tunnel 2K International

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