Buckingham Covers - First Day Covers

Brigadier David R Chaundler OBE


The first phase of the attacks on the mountains before Port Stanley started on the night of the 11th June 1982 with 2 Para in reserve. Following the death of Lieutenant Colonel H Jones, 2 Para was now commanded by Lieutenant Colonel David Chaundler, who had parachuted from a Hercules transport aircraft into the sea near the Task Force and had joined the Battalion at Goose Green.

On 12th June the Battalion was ordered to attack Wireless Ridge the following night. Wireless Ridge included five Argentinian positions mainly from the Argentinian 7th Infantry Regiment and they were deployed as if expecting an attack from the west. Colonel Chaundler decides to carry out a four phase attack with the general axis of attack being from the north. Also, with the Battalion supported by a troop of four tanks, two batteries of artillery and a ship, he decided to mount a 'noisy' attack believing that the advantages of the use of massive firepower before 2 Para crossed the start would destroy and demoralise the Argentinians and this outweighed the advantage of surprise given by a 'silent' attack.

Phil Name's D Company was the first across the start line at quarter past midnight, followed by Dair Farrer-Hockley's A Company and John Crossland's B Company; these two Companies attacking across a minefield that had only been made known to the Battalion very shortly before. The final phase of the attack was again D Company carrying out a wide flanking movement and securing the last of their objectives before first light. They were counter-attacked twice before witnessing the collapse of the Argentinians, who were in full retreat back to Port Stanley. Colonel Chaundler ordered a cease-fire and then for the Battalion to advance into Port Stanley. Thus 2 Para were the first British troops to enter Port Stanley since the Argentine invasion some eleven weeks before.