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Martin Hughes-Games


Martin Hughes-Games (born 16th April 1956) is a natural history programme producer and presenter. He is best known for co-presenting the BBC magazine-style nature series Springwatch and its spin-offs, Winterwatch, Autumnwatch, and Springwatch Unsprung.


Hughes-Games was educated at Millfield School from 1970-1975, a boarding independent school in the town of Street in Somerset, followed by the University of Reading, from which he graduated in zoology in 1978, with a 1st Class honours degree.

Life and career

Hughes-Games has worked in television for 30 years. He considers himself to be passionate about wildlife and is also an active conservationist. He has been a member of the Springwatch production team since 2006 and his most recent Series Producer credits include Shetland Diaries with Simon King (BBC Two) and Incredible Animal Journeys (BBC One, 2006).

He started as a producer, then moved onto co-presenting and producing the BBC's Springwatch and Autumnwatch programmes in May 2009, and also presented a programme entitled Nature's Miracle Babies in 2011.

In addition to presenting, producing and filming, Hughes-Games has written an autobiographical account of his travels, entitled A Wild Life.


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