Buckingham Covers - First Day Covers

Emily Firmin


Emily Firmin, daughter of Peter Firmin, was the girl seen in the sepia photographs in the series Bagpuss (1974).

Nowadays, Emily is an artist in Whitstable with her partner Justin Mitchell, also an artist, who have been making papier mache pictures, sculptures and automata since 1990.

Starting with a stall at Camden Market which ran until 1994, they have developed a wide ranging mix of subject matter and ideas. These include private commissions for pets, friends, houses and cars etc. to commercially orientated such as shop fascias and pub signs.

Total Pap create a distinctive style offering a colourful and eye catching collection of designs that appeal to a broad selection of tastes. Working in recycled newspaper, they literally say there is a story behind every picture!

Collectables Signed By Emily Firmin