Buckingham Covers - First Day Covers

Dan and Naomi Games


As Abram Games' studio was in the family home, Daniel and Naomi grew up with their father's work. As he completed each design, he would ask his family to comment. If his children failed to grasp the meaning of his work, he would begin again.

Daniel Games was formerly a bookseller and later trained as a potter. He now works as a gardener. When not doing this he enjoys looking after his bees and flying his paraglider.

After studying graphic design, Naomi Games worked as a freelance designer. Since her father's death, she has organised a touring exhibition of his work, lectures and runs his archive. She has written and illustrated nine books for children. Naomi has co-written a monograph on Abram Games and five more books about various aspects of her father's work, including one about the Festival of Britain symbol.

Collectables Signed By Dan and Naomi Games