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Captain Christopher Orlebar


Christopher Orlebar joined BOAC to navigate 707's and fly VC10's. In 1976 at Filton he qualified as a Concorde first officer before assisting in the instruction of further crews converting onto Concorde.

In 1986 he was commissioned by BA to write The Concorde Story (published by Osprey) now in it's 7th edition. He retired in 2000 as a training captain on 737's.

Outside BA, interests include his MG, acting as technical consultant for television aviation documentaries, photography and the Brooklands Museum.

Researching his cousin Sq Ld Harry Orlebar, captain of the 1931 victorious RAF High Speed Flight, led Christopher in 1981 to charter Concorde twice, flying passengers at 1150mph. This was over three times the speed that his cousin Harry achieved when he took the world airspeed record in a seaplane to 357 mph in 1929. Christopher's two supersonic flights commemorated the 50th anniversary of the British victory in the Schneider Trophy contest. RJ Mitchell, the creator of the winning seaplane went on to design the Spitfire.

Christopher is currently an enthusiastic chairman of the Royal Aeronautical Society (Weybridge branch).