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Ian Blake


Ian started his career with London Transport at the tender age of 18 on the 6th of May 1980 as a Bus Conductor at Mortlake Garage in SW London.

He passed his PSV test a couple of months before his 21st birthday making him one of the youngest drivers on the company as the age limit had only just been reduced from 21.

Ian worked his way through the grades and by 1994 I was a Route Controller based at Brixton Garage. He moved over to London Underground as a Guard at Morden Depot shortly after full privatisation in 1996.

He spent 3 months as a Guard before taking his Drivers Exam and Transferring to the District Line taking a Train Operators position at Acton Town.

In 2001 Ian became an Instructor Operator and progressed on to deliver Rules and Regs training and then Stock defect handling training.

In 2007 he got itchy feet again and was lucky enough to be successful in his application for the post of Test Train Operator. Ian has always been interested in the history and heritage of London Transport and is very proud to have had the the opportunity to be part of the Heritage Trains Team.