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Alastair Bruce of Crionaich


Alastair Bruce of Crionaich is a direct descendent of Robert the Bruce and is far more than the descendent of the heroic King of Scots.

Alastair Bruce is the National Event Commentator for Sky News and an esteemed documentary maker, with Days of Majesty, Nicholas and Alexandra and Victoria and Albert to his name. He is a Member of the Queen's Body Guard for Scotland (The Royal Company of Archers).

Alastair Bruce was educated at Milton Abbey School in Dorset and joined the British Army in 1979. Commissioned into the Scots Guards (one of the Queen's Household Regiments), he served a four-year term. This included a number of Royal Duties at all the principle royal residences; a term as Equerry to Her Majesty's Lord High Commissioner to the General Assembly in Scotland (Lord Elgin); peace keeping duties in Northern Ireland (1980); finally his regiment was sent to war in the Falkland Islands in 1982. He is at the time of writing, a Colonel in the Territorial Army (Reserves).

As a writer and broadcaster, his publications include Keepers of the Kingdom, a highly illustrated book of portraits showing holders of all the ancient and odd sounding titles of Britain, which was the first book project for which all the Royal Family agreed to be photographed - the stories of the book and its creation are fascinating. He has also written History of the British Coronation and Days of Majesty. He worked on the documentary about Tsar Nicholas II, presented by HRH Prince Michael of Kent. He has just completed a term as Historical Advisor on the film called, The Young Victoria starring Emily Blunt, which will be screened in 2008.


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