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David Haisman


Many of you will know the story of Edith Haisman (nee Brown) but, if not, this lady was the oldest survivor of the Titanic disaster who, aged 15 at the time of the disaster, had vivid memories of the events that took place on the 14th/15th April 1912. Her son, David Haisman, has written a book based on his mother's account of her life and experiences, as told to her children over her lifetime.

David Haisman brings two dimensions to his telling of this Titanic story that no one else has been able to do: first, he is the son of a Titanic survivor, Edith Brown, and second, he is a professional seaman. Consequently he has not only a knowledge of ships and the men who crew them, but he also has an intimate insight into what it was like to sail aboard what is unarguably the most famous ship since Noah's Ark, as well as what it was like to survive the Titanic's sinking.

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