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Raymond Briggs


National Treasure and genius illustrator, Raymond Briggs was born in Wimbledon Park, London, in 1934 and studied painting at the Slade School of Fine Art. He became a freelance writer, illustrator and book designer, while also teaching illustration at the Brighton College of Art. He won the hearts of children everywhere with his books "The Strange House" (1961), "Fungus the Bogeyman" (1977) and "The Snowman" (1978).

He does not just work on children's themes however. In 1982, his award winning graphic novel "When the Wind Blows" centred around an elderly couple preparing for a nuclear war. This was the first of a series of his adult comics which includes the story of his parents, "Ethel & Ernest" (1998). Mr Briggs has not neglected his younger fans however and his recent children's works include "Ug, Boy Genius of the Stone Age" and "Ivor the Invisible" (2001).

Raymond Briggs has personally raised over £5,000 for Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children by signing covers for us. We cannot thank him enough for his generosity and continued kindness.