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Trevor Bannister


Trevor Bannister (born 14th August 1936) is an English actor best known for playing Mr. Lucas in the sitcom Are You Being Served? from 1972 to 1979.

In 1960 he appeared on stage in Billy Liar, which starred Albert Finney, at the Cambridge Theatre in London. He starred as Darkie Pilbeam, a wartime spiv, in the 1968 television series The War of Darkie Pilbeam, and from 1969 to 1970 he appeared as "Heavy Breathing" in the Jack Rosenthal sitcom The Dustbinmen. Shortly afterwards, he was asked to play Mr Lucas in a Comedy Playhouse pilot called Are You Being Served? and took the part in the long-running series. He left the show because he resented the fact that it went from a lead vehicle for him to more of an ensemble show. In fact, Mr Humphreys was just supposed to be a minor character, but became an incredibly popular breakout character.

He played Peter Pitt in the 1988 BBC sitcom Wyatt's Watchdogs. Other TV appearances include Keeping Up Appearances, Call Earnshaw, The Saint, The Tomorrow People, Only on Sunday and The Avengers. Bannister has played three different characters in the ITV soap Coronation Street.[1] Since 2001 he has played a recurring character (The Golf Captain) in Last of the Summer Wine. becoming a regular in the 30th series in 2009, finally receiving a name (Toby Mulbery-Smith), moving in next door to Barry and Glenda (Mike Grady and Sarah Thomas) and befriending Morton (Christopher Beeny).

He has worked mostly in the theatre, with credits including Billy Liar and the farce Move Over, Mrs Markham. Bannister has also performed in Shakespeare and has been a regular in pantomime for more than 35 years, nearly always playing the dame.