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Alan Heywood


Alan Heywood, BAC / Bae Concorde Flight Engineer was born in Yorkshire in 1938.  He did an Aircraft Industry Apprenticeship with A.V. Roe & Gloster Aircraft Co.

Following service in the Royal Air Force, Alan flew with Transglobe Airways before being recruited by BAC as Concorde Project Flight Engineer; joining Flight Operations Department at Filton early in 1967.

He was back up crew for the first flight of Prototype 002, and flew in the chase Canberra with Peter Baker on that day in 1969.

On 002's eleventh flight, Alan flew as Flight Engineer on his first of over 500 Concorde test flights in all the Filton assembled prototypes and production aircraft; 115 of these in prototype 002 G-BSST.

Alan flew with Brian Trubshaw and John Cochrane on 002's eventful first flight to reach Mach 2 on the 12 November 1970, a big milestone in the project.

Alan continued with several first flights and numerous overseas trials, and flew with Brian Trubshaw throughout the 1975 Route Proving / B.A. crew training, flying to the Far East, Australia, and the North Atlantic, which included a remarkable 5hr 20 minute return Atlantic crossing; all in G-BOAC.

In 1980 with the Concorde flight test programme drawing to a close, Alan moved to Airbus Industrie in Toulouse, followed by a return to airline flying with Gulf Air and finally “The best job in Aviation again” based in Hong Kong and flying for Cathay Pacific Airways.