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Captain Chris Blake OBE


Captain Christopher Blake OBE is HM Bark Endeavour Foundations Chief Operating Officer and Master of HM Bark Endeavour, the replica of Captain Cook's ship.

He holds International Master Class I certificates with a square rig endorsement and has been Endeavour's master since 1994 and was appointed COO in June 2002.

Captain Blake has been awarded Freeman of the City of London, and Freeman of the City of Newark, USA. In 1996 was awarded the Cutty Sark Medal for outstanding seamanship and leadership, and in 2001 received the OBE for services to Sail Training and Youth Development.

Captain Blake joined the Merchant Navy in 1962 and 13 years later moved to sail training. He has been captain of the Sir Winston Churchill and Malcolm Miller (Great Britain), STS Ji Fung (Hong Kong), STS Leeuwin (Western Australia), STS Kaisei (Japan) and delivery master of STS Young Endeavour, Britain's bicentennial gift to Australia. Captain Blake was born in Lagos, Nigeria and now lives in Australia.