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Captain Ron Weidner


Captain Ron Weidner was born in Calcutta, India where he lived until, at age 11, he returned to the UK to attend Boarding School at Barnard Castle, in the North East of England.

Flying back out to his family in India, during the school holidays, meant a constant exposure to air travel from an early age, and a love of flying quickly developed.

With his heart now firmly set on becoming a pilot, he was awarded a Royal Air Force Flying Scholarship and following completion of the course, he obtained his Private Pilot's Licence at age 17, whilst still at school – long before he obtained his driving licence!

He was fortunate enough to have his application for a place on their cadet pilot training scheme accepted by British Airways, and upon leaving school he entered the College of Air Training, Hamble in 1970.

After graduation in 1972, he joined British Airways as a Second Officer on the Trident fleet, and twelve years later, now as a senior First Officer, he transferred to the Boeing 747 fleet, becoming an Instructor on the Boeing 747 in 1988.

In 1993 he was promoted to Captain on the DC10 fleet at Gatwick and in 1995 it was back to the Boeing 747, this time as a Captain, and once again as an Instructor.

In 1998 he finally achieved his lifelong ambition when he became a Captain on Concorde. The next five years were the most challenging and rewarding years of his aviation career, and went by all too quickly.

He lives in Buckinghamshire with his wife, Tricia, whom he met when she was a stewardess on one of his flights, and they have just celebrated 30 years of married life together, with their Pearl Wedding earlier this year.

They have two children, their daughter Laura is a Doctor at the Royal Surrey Hospital, and their son Adam is reading for a Master's degree in Physics at St. Peter's College, Oxford.

After the retirement of Concorde in 2003, Ron returned to the Boeing 747 fleet, where he is still to be found flying longhaul routes, worldwide for British Airways.


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