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Major General N F Vaux CB DSO DL


42 Commando R.M The Attack on Mount Harriet -11th/12th June 1982.

During the initial landings on the Falklands Islands on 21 May 1982, 42 Commando R.M (Lieutenant Colonel N F Vaux) were brigade reserve at Port San Carlos before seizing Mount Kent in a night move by helicopter. By 4 June the unit had moved forward, mostly under cover of darkness, to positions west of the high ground overlooking Stanley and the last Argentine stronghold. After days of probing reconnaissance, a Brigade assault took place on the night 11/12 June in which the Commando's task was to secure Mount Harriet on the Brigade right flank. In the moonlight and freezing temperatures, 42 Commando moved undetected through enemy minefields in a 9 kilometre right-flanking movement to surprise the enemy in their rear.

Consecutive assaults by K and L Companies followed up steep slopes on to company positions among the crags at either end of the feature. Careful planning, resolute leadership and the boldness and determination of Marines against initially strong resistance and continuous artillery bombardment eventually prevailed. By first light more than 30 enemy had been killed and over 300 prisoners taken as 42 Commando consolidated Mount Harriet.

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