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Joanna Trollope


Joanna Trollope was born in her grandfather's rectory in the Cotswolds in December 1943. She's the eldest of three siblings, the mother of two daughters, the stepmother of two stepsons and now a grandmother. (She saw a car sticker in the US. It read "If I'd known how wonderful grandchildren were going to be, I'd have had them first").

She was state educated in Surrey, then won a tiny, tiny scholarship to Oxford and went on to be first a Civil Servant and then a teacher before succumbing to full time writing about twenty years ago.

She has been married twice and now lives alone " except for a Labrador the size of a sofa", partly in London and partly in the Cotswolds. When she considers what has happened to her career in the last ten years, she often thinks, as her friend Jilly Cooper once said, "You'd believe it, wouldn't you, if it happened to someone else".

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