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Captain Adrian Thompson


"Men of vision designed this wonderful machine, men of passion built her, and, I hope that it will be said, men of skill and daring flew her" (Capt. Adrian Thompson, Concorde Pilot Last Heathrow - New York Flight).

Former British Airways Concorde Captain Adrian Thompson flew the very last commercial Concorde service, which was the BA001 London to New York, on 23rd October 2003, the evening before she was retired.

Other milestones is Captain Thompson's Concorde career were :- Last pilot to fly a Concorde into Kai Tak airport, Hong Kong using the notorious chequerboard approach on 19/09/1997.

Last pilot to fly a Concorde at an airshow – the International Air Tattoo at Fairford on 25/07/1998

He flew the 25th anniversary Concorde flight to JFK and was a member of the crew on the 'farewell' flight to Boston, which set a new East/West transAtlantic record on 08/10/2003.

He flew the 'farewell' flight to Manchester on 22/10/2003, on the return of which he joined the BA002 and they carried out the only parallel landings performed side by side by two Concordes at Heathrow – Captain Thompson on 09L and the BA002 on 09R.

Last, of course, was the last every commercial Concorde flight – the BA001 on 23/10/2003. The return flight next day, flown by Captain Bannister, was the last schedule flight but it wasn't a commercial one as all the passengers on it travelled for free by special invitation of BA.

Information provided by Captain A Thompson