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Valentina Tereshkova


On the 16th June 1963, a former textile worker became the first woman in space. Valentina Tereshkova, born in 1937, became the 5th Russian cosmonaut to go into the Earth's orbit aboard the spaceship Vostok VI. Lieutenant Tereshkova completed 49 orbits of the Earth, a total distance of 1,250,000 miles in two days, 22 hours and 50 minutes. Tereshkova landed successfully in Kazakhstan several hundred miles from the mission launch pad in Baikonur in central Asia. One of the main purposes of the mission was to attempt the first docking manoeuvre with another spaceship. In addition, Russian scientists also aimed to research the comparative effects of space travel on men and women. A special issue of Soviet newspaper Pravda said Tereshkova had dreamed of becoming a cosmonaut as soon as she heard about the first man in space, Colonel Yuri Gagarin, in April 1961. Tereshkova was feted by the Soviet leadership and became active in the Communist Party. She never returned to space.

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