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Captain Richard A Routledge


Originally from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, Richard moved to the Thames Valley age 8 years and was educated at Windsor Grammar School from 1960-1968. Whilst at Grammar School, he won a Royal Naval Flying Scholarship which gave him his private Pilots Licence. Further education took place at Plymouth Polytechnic studying a Degree in Civil Engineering, after which followed two years working on various engineering projects, culminating as Section Engineer for the Underground Tunnel into Heathrow Airport. It was here watching Pilots, Aeroplanes and Stewardess's that he decided on a career change, and successfully applied to British Airways to become an Airline Pilot.

After training at Hamble College of Air Training near Southampton, Richard joined British Airways in 1973 flying Tridents and Boeing 737's. In 1988 he joined the Concorde Fleet and flew Concorde for nine years. During which time he also became the Concorde Business Co-ordinator, which gave him an insight into the commercial side of the aircraft. Whilst on Concorde, he was a Senior First Officer. Being a Concorde pilot also opened the door to lecturing and after dinner speaking on a subject very close to his heart.

It was on a cruise ship in the Mediterranean during a lecture programme that Richard met the Cruise Director Carole, whom he subsequently married.

After the Concorde he then went onto the Boeing 747 Jumbo and is still happily flying around the world, albeit not supersonically. If not flying, Richard can usually be found on the golf course.

Home is Windsor, England where he and Carole share a home with their Tibetan Terrier, Runway.


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