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Captain Martin Robson


Captain Martin Robson was born in Sunderland in 1951. Although being a "Northerner" he was educated in the South of England and graduated in 1973 from the College of Air Training.

Martin joined British Airways at the end of 1973 and flew the Trident aircraft throughout the UK and Europe until 1986. After that, he joined the latest, high tech Boeing 757 fleet.

In 1988 Martin began the ultimate time in a pilot's career – he was successfully selected to join the Concorde Fleet. Six months later after passing all the very stringent, difficult, yet rewarding tests and examinations, Martin was not only proud and honoured but also cleared to fly the Concorde.

Martin had many magical moments on the aeroplane, never mind meeting and flying Royalty, top business people, Sport Stars and Film Stars, but also flying Concorde around the world in 1991 and also the European and US Ryder Cup teams in 1993 and 1995.

Martin left the fleet in 1995 and took a Command on Boeing 737's. For the last 7 years of his career, he flew worldwide on the ultra modern and efficient Boeing 777.

Martin is still happily married to his "pen-pal" - Anne, who he married in 1974. Has a singer/actor son Russell and a daughter Samantha who gave him his first grandson Connor, in 2006 who he adores!

With Connor, golf and DIY etc there not much free time.


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