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Jack and Hugh Riddle


Brothers, Jack Riddle and Hugh Riddle both served in 601 Squadron in the Battle of Britain.

No 601 Squadron was formed at Northolt in 14 October 1925 as a light bomber unit of the Auxiliary Air Force. When World War Two broke out, 601 Squadron fighter patrols started off with Blenheims but in March 1940 converted to Hurricanes. No 601 Squadron flew Hurricanes from Tangmere until moving to Debden for two weeks on 19 August 1940. They returned to Tangmere on the 2nd of September and then moved to the relative quiet of Exeter in 10 Group on the 7th of September 1940.

Flight Officer Jack Riddle scored one kill before and one kill after joining No 601 Squadron during the Battle of Britain. He was the Hugh Riddles younger brother.

Flight Officer Hugh Riddle scored a single kill on the 11th of July 1940 flying with No 601 Squadron.

Both Hugh and Jack Riddle were promoted to Squadron Leader on the same date: the 1st of December 1941.

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