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Captain Jeremy Rendall


Jeremy Rendall obtained his motorcycle licence on his 16th birthday and immediately started learning to fly Tiger Moths with Joan Hughes of ATA fame, qualifying for a pilots licence a month later.

After more flying with the University of London Air Squadron, this time on Chipmunks and a few months of intensive study for a commercial licence, he joined BOAC for training to become a very junior pilot/navigator on the Britannia Fleet. Progressing through the ranks and fleets he left the VC10 fleet as a Captain to spend the last 20 years of his flying career on the Concorde fleet, the final 10 of which were as a Training Captain.

In all he did 2000 supersonic Atlantic crossings and other highlights included the first simultaneous landing with a French Concorde (at Orlando to mark the opening of Epcot) and a Round the World trip.

Now long retired, he spends his time caring for his 16th Century farmhouse and enjoys his five grandchildren and flying his Tiger Moth with the Tiger 9 formation team.

Information provided by Captain Jeremy Rendall (September 2008)

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