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Awang anak Rawang GC


No. and rank at the time of action: Iban Tracker, Unit/Occupation: Johore, Federation of Malaya. Born: 1925. Date of GC action: May 1951. The London Gazette: 20th November 1951.

Citation for Awang anak Rawang GC: During the operations against bandits in Malaya in May 1951 a section of the Worcestershire Regiment was ambushed by about 50 of the enemy. The leading scout was killed instantly and the section commander fatally wounded. Awang anak Rawang was hit through the thigh bone: at the same time a British soldier, moving behind him was hit below the knee, the bullet completely shattering the bone. Awang dragged him into cover and protected him. He was again wounded, the bullet shattering his right arm, but despite loss of blood from his wounds and being unable to use his rifle or parang, Awang remained guarding the wounded British soldier with a grenade in his left hand. He looked so determined that the bandits drew back.

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