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Sean Bean


Born in Sheffield in 1959, Sean Bean was employed in his father's welding business before he decided to become an actor.

He attended RADA in London and appeared in a number of West End productions including the RSC's Fair Maid of the West (1986) and Romeo and Juliet (1987).

For approximately 20 years his stellar career spanning theatre, television, radio and movies has established him as one of England's most versatile actors.

Bean's roles are so varied that his magnetic persona can convincingly play angst-ridden villains as in "Patriot Games", rough-and-ready soldiers such as Richard Sharpe and heartwrenching warriors as the emotionally tortured Boromir in Peter Jackson's epic "The Lord of the Rings". More recently Bean appeared in Wolfgang Petersen's "Troy" (2004) as Odysseus. His very presence in the film adds grace and validity to the rest of the movie.

Bean himself says that he took the roles of Boromir and Odysseus because he was "tired of being known as a villainous actor" to American audiences (he says he was tired of playing just bad guys and wanted a change of pace and to play a sympathetic character or two).

Other notable performances include roles in "GoldenEye" (1995), "Bravo Two Zero" (1999) and "Don't Say a Word" (2001). Recently Bean appeared as the principal lead in Shakespeare's "Macbeth", he so transfixed the audience that the production was extended in London and critically acclaimed.

Bean, however, remains a man's man despite the glitzy world of movies that surrounds him. Bean currently resides in London where he enjoys raising his three young daughters, Lorna, Molly and Evie.

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