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Anna Popplewell


Anna Popplewell was born on December 16th, 1988 in London, England. Her parents are both professionals, her mother is a doctor and her father, a barrister. She has a younger brother, Freddie and a younger sister, Lulu (also an actress).

Her debut role was as Henrietta in the made for TV movie "Frenchman’s Creek" (1998). She played Betsey in her big screen debut in "Mansfield Park" (1999). Her first big role was as Anna Sackville-Bagg, in the movie "The Little Vampire" (2000). The same year she also appeared in "Dirty Tricks", a made for TV movie.

In 2001, she starred with her sister, Lulu in a TV miniseries entitled Love in a "Cold Climate". She received parts in other movies over the next two years, such as in "Me Without You" (2001), and "Thunderpants" (2002) and the made for TV movie, "Daniel Deronda" (2002). In 2003, she played the role of Maertge, in the critically acclaimed movie, "Girl With a Pearl Earring".

In August 2005, it was announced that Anna was cast as Susan Pevensie, one of the co-stars in the upcoming blockbuster film, Disney’s "Chronicles of Narnia, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", based on the classic C.S. Lewis novel (directed by Andrew Adamson). Anna and crew had been filming for most of 2004 for this huge undertaking – but she was first approached about it almost two years prior to being cast for the role. She had read the books when she was seven, but re-read them again during the casting process to better understand the character of Susan – which may have helped her to get the part. It is also a character that she identifies with in her own life, especially Susan’s love of learning and hard work ethic (and they are both older sisters). She loved filming the movie, with one exception – there is a scene with mice, which she is afraid of (they used a double for those scenes). Her co-stars in the movie are Skandar Keynes, William Moseley and Georgie Henley (she took archery lessons to learn to shoot a bow and arrow for the movie).

At present, she is back in an all-girl high school in London. When she graduates, she is thinking about going to University. Although acting has always been her calling, she had done internships in the areas of medicine, law and advertising. She does not have any set plans for the future – but is ready for any challenge that comes along. Just in case you were wondering – a sequel to Narnia has not been announced, but she would definitely consider coming back in the role of Susan.


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