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Admiral Sir Michael Pollock DSC


A truly remarkable man, Admiral Sir Michael Pollock was born in 1916 and joined the Royal Navy in 1930. During World War II he was in HMS WARSPITE, HMS VANESSA, HMS ARETHUSA and HMS NORFOLK, North Atlantic, Mediterranean and Indian Ocean 1939-1945. He commanded HMS VIGO and Portsmouth Squadron between 1958-1959 and moved to command HMS ARK ROYAL between 1963-1964. Sir Michael later became Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (1964-1966), Flag Officer Second in Command, Home Fleet (1966-1967), Flag Officer Submarines and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) Commander of Submarines, Eastern Atlantic (1967-1969) Controller of the Navy (1970-1971) and ultimately Chief of Naval Staff and First Sea Lord (1971-1974).

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