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Captain A F Pitt DSC


RFA Sir Percivale was the 1st ship to sail into Port Stanley after its liberation. On entering the harbour, Captain A F Pitt sent the following signal to the Commander of the Task Group "I am pleased to inform you that the RFA Ensign flies in Port Stanley Harbour". On their arrival, the ship was over flown by a "V" flight of three helicopters, trailing the Union Flag and the bells of Port Stanley Cathedral were ringing out across the harbour. Capt Pitt and his crew weren't given prior knowledge that this event had been planned, but can only assume that it had been, as they passed through the harbour entrance at an instructed time.

Captain Pitt joined the Royal Fleet Auxiliary Service in January 1956 as a Deck Apprentice. His first trip involved participating in the Suez Conflict and during his earlier years he was involved in two Icelandic "Cod Wars", the Borneo confrontation and troop ferrying to Northern Ireland. He was promoted to Captain in 1979 and had the honour of commanding RFA Sir Percivale from August 1981 until August 1982. After the Falklands Conflict he continued commanding RFA vessels of all types, spent two and a half years at RFA HQ in London during the late 1980's, until finally retiring in January 1998, after 42 years service. During the latter stages, he was involved in the build up to the first Gulf War in 1990 and operations in the Adriatic in support of British forces during 1992/93.


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