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Andrew Morton


Born in Yorkshire, England in 1953, Morton has worked hard to earn a reputation for winning the timely -- and gossipy -- tale and transforming it into a best-selling book. Perhaps he learned how to gain the inside scoop from his days as a journalist, working as the royal correspondent in London for newspapers like the "Daily Mail", "News of the World" and the "Daily Star".

He's the one who first broke the story about the romance between Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson, as well as the news of their separation. Since 1988, he has devoted his time to writing biographies, including "Duchess" (1988), "Diana's Diary" (1990), and "Moi: The Making of an African Statesman" (1998).

But he is best known for his hugely popular 1992 biography, "Diana: Her True Story." In the book, the princess shocked royal watchers by divulging secrets of her troubled marriage to Prince Charles.

Since then, Morton has gained the scoop on scores of other biographies, including Monica Lewinsky & the Beckhams.

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